Cloud Racer 

From writer Kevin Beimers (SCHRÖDINGER’S CAT, Hector: Badge of Carnage) comes Cloud Racer. 

Cloud Racer is a quirky, clever and slightly random racing game for smartphones and tablets that combines lateral thinking with quick reflex arcade driving action, and a lot of zany silliness. 


Cloud Racing is one of the most amazing racing Championships of all Rice Cake Ridge. Owned and run by The Free-to-play-Whale and his partner The Unicorn, anyone who's anyone wants to be a part of the competition. Including their only son, the Narwhal - the meanest, ultimate competitor of the races.

Until complete disaster strikes! In his crazy insane getting ready ritual, the Narwhal knocked himself out with his own piano! You're a newbie to the games, but it's up to you to take his place! NO PRESSURE!


You play as one of six zany animal characters, challenging other animals to races riding upon clouds. But these aren’t just ordinary clouds...

These racing clouds have been decorated and suped-up with as many virtual goods as can be unsafely packed onto them. Some of these items are helpful (sails, propellers, exhaust pipes), some are a hindrance (wagon wheels, church bells, anchors), and still others are just down right crazy (pink flamingos, wing mirrors, antimatter). 

In game races are a set path, and the characters will always stay on course. The player is partly in control of speed, but mostly of reflexive movements, namely:

  • Dodging (swipe left/right) in the event of hazards on the course

  • Jumping (swipe up or tap) for hazards, or performing stunts

  • Collecting power-ups en route (swiping and/or tapping). See below. 

With cloud being the mode of transport, water is the most valuable commodity in this wacky universe, as it is the water that creates and fuels the clouds for the races. As a player, you will race against other characters to gain cloud and rainbow points, which you then spend in the Awesomifcation zone, making your Cloud the best of all your friends!


Gustav Von Frog - Aristocrat Frog - An upper class slimeball with a smart cravat, pencil mustache and creased pocket-handkerchief.  After winning two consecutive PGA Golf tournaments and becoming the first frog to beat a horse in a game of chess, Gustav turned his passions to Cloud Racing and hasn’t looked back.  

Squidley MacGoogan - Daredevil Squid - Speed demon from the depths of the Beaufort Trench, MacGoogan left the seas in search of adventure and found it in Cloud Racing. Known best by his trademark dungarees and telltale aviator glasses, Squidley is a strong and steadfast racer with a flare for the dramatic and a zest for the spicy.

Speck - Crime-Fighting Cat - Speck used to work for the police force before an undercover bust went south and Speck was left with a gammy knee and a bucketload of angst and regret. Wallowing in despair, she followed a piece of string to the pits of a Cloud Racing track and rekindled her zest for life.

Stinky Jessica - Ghost Pig - Stinky Jessica used to be a State Fair Prize Winning pig, but was crushed to death when the display of State Fair Prize Winning Enormous Cheeses collapsed during judging and a local Stilton went AWOL. Stinky Jessica weighs no more than a thought, so you would think she would be fantastic at Cloud Racing. And you would be 99% correct.

Olivia Burble-Pith Groop Groop - Fashion Model Fish - In an unfortunate mixup of genetics, Olivia was born to a loving family of mermaids, but inherited fish genes for both the top AND bottom half of her body. Despite this, her loving parents raised her with strong confidence and love, and now she’s a part time cloud racer, part time fashion model.