Evil dead

Based on the cult classic, Evil Dead - Endless Nightmare is an endless mobile runner steeped in the rich iconography of the franchise.

Run for your life being chased by Deadites, survive by killing endless enemies with a spoon and kill the boss by shooting her butt off!


A unique combination of the hugely successful F2P format of “Endless Runner” and the 1st person POV of immersive “Shooter” games. Realistic 3D graphics and camerawork inspired by the look and feel of the Evil Dead movie. The camera follows the player in a POV style.

Players escape through the evil, living forest until they can gather enough power-ups to enter one of several bonus “Attack” modes to take on the epic boss demons! Record times, distances and demon-killing achievements to beat your friends, win bonus missions and unlock increasingly tougher levels of horrific demon “bosses”…

Controls are kept simple and familiar in keeping with the genres with unique challenges in Bonus Modes.

Tilt to control in various Game Modes. Tap to attack, plus swipe up and down for “attack” version of jump/duck.

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