the mulbury project

From writers Martin Brennan & Micheal B. Jackson (Hitman: Absolution), and supporting writer Kevin Beimers (Telltales Hector) comes The Mulbury Project...

In The Aftermath Of An Alien Invasion, A Boy Braves The Disease Ridden Landscape To Help A Young Girl Find Her Way Home And Hide From The Ruthless Corporation That Is Chasing Her.



It is the year 2064. Earth, is recovering from its third world war- the war for Earth. An alien invasion has been turned back through human bravery, savagery and cunning. Most of the world has been left devastated. Every major city- reduced to lawless rubble.

The worst thing resulting from the war is a virus left by the aliens that has infected hundreds of thousands of humans. The virus was a last ditch effort by the aliens to eliminate the human species which it says is a threat to the universe. The virus spreads by touch. It melts skin and bone transforming humans into horrible monsters, taking over the mind as it consumes the body and brain. It seeks only to infect others because that's how it feeds. That's how it reproduces. This is the only world that 12  year old Robbie knows. 


ROBBIE WALKER KELLY - A 12 yr old badass and our main protagonist. Average height for 12 (a little under 5ft tall). In a war ravaged world, it's just him and his mother living to survive. Through his life his mother Sky has made sure Robbie knew how to hunt for food, hide from bandits and run from melts (humans infected with the Melt virus). His number one rule: Stay alive. 


SKY KELLY - 30 yr old. Tall (5'10”), smart, protective. Although Sky wasn't in the United Earth Nation's military, she was an excellent soldier. Her husband, Luke, died a hero leading the raid on the alien ship that made the Melt virus. Luke saved the world, but left Sky to raise Robbie alone. Sky has taught Robbie everything she knows, and does her best to teach him how to survive. 


MACKEY - A deranged asshole with dreams of power.  Before the war, Mackey was a two-bit criminal who hid rather than join in the fight against the aliens. When the war against the Aliens finished, Mackey and thousands of cowards like him came out from the rocks they hid beneath and ravaged the already lawless land. Through cunning and cruelty, Mackey has made himself leader of the bandits. Absolutely heartless, Mackey will do anything to get his way, and kill anyone to take what he wants. Mackey rules by fear and intimidation- two lessons  that Sky and Robbie are gonna have to learn. 


“The Mulbury Project” is a new graphic adventure video game being developed by Belfast company, Arachnid Apps Limited. The game will be available on smartphone and tablet devices, iOS, Android, and Windows, with a view to also releasing on Xbox One, PS4 and PC/Mac & Steam. 

This episodic point-and-click adventure game will put the player in control of the main protagonist, Robbie Walker Kelly. The player will be able to move about the 3D environment and examine objects and interact with other characters in the story, learning to survive in the diseased and harsh reality of a post Inter-galactic war with the Alien race the "Grinards". 

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