A very impressive demonstration of what is possible with augmented reality which will astonish

You can make them do somersaults, get them to pose for pictures and the rarer fairy queen and princesses will even repeat what you say to them in a squeaky fairy voice, which will leave your children in fits of giggles. But leave your fairy alone for too long and they get bored – this isn’t all bad, though; this can also trigger fun bits of animation where fairies kill time, gnawing at your SIM card, for example).


The Hollywood 50 listing of top Irish American executives influencing the worlds of entertainment and technology

Today Greg Maguire, CEO Inlifesize, was honoured to be announced as one of the Hollywood 50. Global Irish-American executives making a significant impact within their field and technology.

The Irish Technology Leadership Group (ITLG) will be hosting its annual Innovation in Entertainment event on 27 September at Sony Pictures Studios in Hollywood. Executives in attendance represent some of the world’s leading entertainment companies, including HBO, Warner Brothers, Lucasfilm, Sony and DreamWorks.


Ireland at the dazzling intersection between Hollywood and Silicon Valley

It was equally fitting that before this powerful audience two young Irish technology companies were honoured for their impact on technology and entertainment. Inlifesize picked up a gong in the Gaming category. The company’s Fairy Magic iOS apps technology was created by a team that has worked on games and movies for Electronic Arts, Sega, Glu, Disney, Lucasfilm and ILM. Previous work includes blockbuster games James Bond,Tomb Raider, The Godfather, Heavy Rain, Contract Killer and the creatures of Harry Potter and Avatar.


Inlifesize Fairy Magic! Winner Best Game, ITLG Awards Hollywood

Heavyweights from the entertainment and technology industries gathered in Hollywood at the ITLG’s second annual Innovation in Entertainment Event at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles. Host for the night was Irish Actress Sonya Macari.

Award winners on the night were Inlifesize in the 'Gaming' category & 45 Sound in the 'Entertainment' category.

The event was a sell‐out, with over 250 executives in attendance; as well as top leaders, founders, producers, presidents and CEOs from leading companies including HBO, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Sony Pictures Studios, Dreamworks, AT&T and NBC Universal.

“I would like to congratulate the award winners on their fantastic achievement,” said John Harnett, “our judges were very impressed with the high quality of innovation and technology that was exhibited by the eight finalists who were shortlisted from over 50 companies.



Are there fairies at the bottom of your garden? There may be if your children play with an impressive new iOS app called Fairy Magic. It uses augmented reality technology to superimpose some startling 3D fairies on your child’s real-world surroundings. There are 50 to find and collect, with mini-games to play with them.


Catch, collect and care for clans of colorful Fairies - Gamezebo

There's a big difference between making console games and making games for mobile, and one of the biggest is content. While the console arena is often dominated by licensed movie adaptations and franchise sequels full of bad language and violence, the mobile arena allows for more creativity and a gentler approach. This month, Bay Area developer inlifesize takes advantage of the more flexible mobile platform with Fairy Magic, a fun little pet sim that gives us a peek into the enchanted land of Fairy.


10 Best iPhone and iPad apps this week - The Guardian

"Startup Inlifesize has pulled in some top-tier film and games talent for this augmented reality app aimed at children. It gets them to hunt for beautifully-animated fairies in their local surroundings, with more than 50 to collect and play with."


Fairy Magic now available for iPhone and iPad!

Fairy Magic brings a universe of Fairies right to your fingertips! Using incredible 3D Enchanted Reality™ technology, you can catch the Fairies flying around you, photograph them in the real world, chat with beautiful Fairy Queens and Princesses, and collect your Fairies in magical Fairy Jigsaws!